NK Parts Honored as one of the 2019 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America

NK Parts employeess holding the springbuk healthiest 100 workplaces award

NK Parts has been recognized as one of the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America, an awards program administered by Springbuk®.

With this award, NK Parts is nationally recognized as one of the best-of-the-best in worksite health. 

An Exemplary Leader in Workplace Health

The Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America award culminates the conclusion of the year-long wellness program that Healthiest Employers® hosts in over 45 cities across the United States. Each of the winning companies is considered an exemplary leader for the effectiveness of their population health and well-being initiatives.

The Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America were celebrated for their commitment to employee health and exceptional corporate wellness programming. Over 1,000 of America’s top well-being programs were evaluated for this award across the country. 

This year’s Healthiest 100 Workplaces winners include organizations as small as 32 full-time employees and as large as over 150,000 employees. They span nearly every industry, size, and geography and include both privately-held and publicly traded organizations.

NK Parts is an award-winning healthy workplace. Learn more about the awards we’ve received >>

The Best in Healthy Workplaces Across the Nation

Award applicants were evaluated across six key categories: Culture and Leadership Commitment, Foundational Components, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Communications, Programming and Interventions, and lastly, Reporting and Analytics. 

Applicants were evaluated with the proprietary Healthiest Employers® Index, a 1-100 rubric for wellness programming. These organizations have achieved lasting success through a wide array of employee wellness initiatives and corporate wellness programs.

“Each year, our team is encouraged by the innovative spirit companies adopt to advocate on behalf of their most important asset – their people,” said Phil Daniels, co-founder of Springbuk and Healthiest Employers. “The winners of the Healthiest 100 award demonstrate this commitment in unprecedented fashion with their programming, executive support, and data-centric approach. Each company should be proud of their proactive efforts to sustain a healthy, lasting workforce.”

About NK Parts

At NK Parts, we’re a global, one-vendor supply chain and logistics company. We specialize in domestic and international logistics, freight forwarding, exporting, warehousing, packaging, fabrication, manufacturing and more.

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About Springbuk, Inc.

Springbuk’s Health Intelligence platform helps employers and consultants manage their investments in population health. Their software offers insights, empowers smarter decision-making, and provides strategic direction to help maximize return on investments. Health Intelligence empowers employers and consultants to deliver plans and programs that fit. 

Each year, Springbuk administers the Healthiest Employers awards program across the US to honor the nation’s most dedicated employers in bettering their worksite health and well-being programs. 

Workplace Benefits to Help NK Parts Employees Live Healthier

From our free associate wellness center to the on-site medical clinic and more, NK Parts is committed to helping our employees live better lives. 

Learn more about the health and wellness benefits at NK Parts.

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