Tests Prove the Design Works How it Should

Before a car can be sent to the assembly line, it needs to undergo a series of tests to make sure it’s safe and runs efficiently, which is where research and development come in. Research and development is the process through which highly skilled experts prove the design is feasible by running a series of tests before sending the product out to customers. It’s important to know how a car would react if it were to crash, and these tests can assess a car’s strength and durability, such as how much pressure a part can take before it breaks.


We Have Experience Supporting R&D

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Auto Technic Americas Inc. (ATA), which is a subsidiary of NK Parts Industries, has been supporting auto research and development for more than eight years. The Auto Technic Americas Inc. Research and Development Division’s facility was opened in June 2015 and underwent a recent 140,000 square foot expansion. The center, located in East Liberty, Ohio, offers a variety of testing services supporting Honda, as well as for other industrial companies.

Everything Customers Want in One Place

Whether a customer’s product needs to meet environmental or weight regulations or any other regulation, the research and development facility has anything an industrial company may need to run the necessary tests to make sure their product is ready for consumers. These include:

  • Full static testing
  • Full durability testing (complete with Exlar and 407 Control systems)
  • Full 5-ton test stand capability
  • Private and individual test rooms
  • Overhead cranes span entire test room area
  • Engineering staff
  • Tier 1 certified
  • 3PL & warehousing services
  • And more

Testing is Not Limited to R&D

We offer services such as quality and confirmation with the in-house Faro Arm Confirmation System, as well as CNC and a CMM center, assembly and subassembly. The services also include new design, drawing support and equipment repairs. Tooling and production customers can run short and large, repetitive jobs.

Located Where It's Convenient

The ATA Research and Development Division, located at 13434 State Route 287 in East Liberty, Ohio, is conveniently located to Honda facilities in America’s heartland.

Our Supply Chain Management Solution Means Efficiency

ATA is a subsidiary of NK Parts, a globally known one-vendor supply chain management solution for remanufacturing, warehousing, domestic and international logistics, freight-forwarding, exporting, packaging and more. With ATA and NK Parts, our customers gain a partner in efficiency.

We're Here Every Step of the Way for All Your Research & Development Needs

ATA and NK Parts Industries are excited to partner with our customers and see their businesses grow. We promise to provide the best customer support and up-to-date research and development equipment our customers need to succeed.