Cost-Effective Remanufacturing & Manufacturing Solutions

Remanufacturing work is always a partnership between NK Parts and the customer. We become an integral part of your process, seeking constantly to help you improve and solve problems.

In-house production center to receive, repair, test and ship manufacturing and automotive components

Our experience in working closely with customers has allowed us to become an expert remanufacturer of transmissions. We have worked with some of the Top 5 automotive manufacturers and have also retooled and repurposed various other automotive and manufacturing components.

By providing technical feedback and continual testing, we can help you find a cost-effective solution that keeps your production within budget and on schedule. In fact, some customers have NK Parts employees working as part of their team in research and development facilities.

Remanufacturing capabilities at NK Parts:

  • Transmission remanufacturing
  • Retooling and repurposing of various automotive and manufacturing components
  • Research and development support activities
  • Custom rack design and manufacturing
  • Rack repair and alteration

2017 Recipient of the HONDA Supplier Performance Award

honda supplier performance award