NK Parts Industries was established on December 1, 1987. Our main office is at 777 South Kuther Road in Sidney, Ohio. Approximately 660 employees work at NKP, and we offer almost 1.1 million square feet of warehousing space between our Sidney and East Liberty locations.

NK Parts is 100 percent owned by Nikkon Holdings Co. Ltd. Nikkon Holdings Co. Ltd. was established on August 27, 1953, in Tokyo, Japan. Nikkon Holdings Group is affiliated with 60 companies, 14,255 people, 4,302 vehicles and 1.7 million square miles of warehousing space.

NK Parts Family of Companies

In North America, NK Parts is affiliated with NK America, NKA Customs Service Inc., NKA Transportation Inc., NKA Logistics Inc. and Auto Technic Americas Inc. NK Parts is also affiliated with NKP Mexico S.A. DE C.V. in Mexico.

Family Operation Facilities

The NK Parts family of companies has multiple operational facilities in North America. Here’s a breakdown of our locations:

North American Operation Facilities

The North American operation facilities include:

  • NK America Inc. branch in Chicago
  • NK Parts Industries Inc and NK America Inc. head office in Sidney
  • NK Parts Industries Inc. and Auto Technic Americas Inc. East Liberty branch
  • NKP Mexico, S.A. DE C.V. office in Laredo
  • NKP Mexico, S.A. DE C.V. branch in El Salto
  • NKP Mexico, S.A. DE C.V. branch in Celaya

NKP Ohio Operation Facilities

The Ohio operation facilities are in close proximity to Honda’s manufacturing facilities and our main shippers, which include American Honda Motor Co. Inc., Honda Access America Inc., Honda of America Mfg. Inc., Honda R&D Americas Inc., Honda Transmission Mfg. of America Inc., KTH Parts Industries, Celina Aluminum Precision Tech. and Foster Electric.

NK Parts Family of Companies Operation Details

From logistics and warehousing to R&D and testing, NK Parts and our family of companies have you covered. Each of our operational facilities is responsible for specific services. Use the information below to find a location and service near you in the United States.

Company NameEstablishedLocationPackagingShippingStorageDCCCKDSpare PartsSub AssemblyParts RepairMovingAir TransportUse TransportCustomsEquipment InstallationDevice PlanningTesting
NK Parts Industries, Inc.1987Sidney, OHXXXXXXXXX
2006East Liberty, OHXXXX
2012Anna, OHXX
NK America, Inc.2000Sidney, OHXXXXX
-NKA Customs Service, Inc.2004Joliet, ILXXX
-NKA Transportation, Inc.2004Sidney, OHX
-NKA Logistics, Inc.2008Sidney, OHX
Auto Technic Americas, Inc.2013Sidney, OHX

Sidney, OH

  • Established 1987
  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Storage
  • DCC
  • CKD
  • Spare Parts
  • Sub Assembly
  • Parts Repair
  • Device Planning

East Liberty, OH

  • Established 2006
  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Storage
  • Device Planning

Anna, OH

  • Established 2012
  • Packaging
  • Storage

Sidney, OH

  • Established 2000
  • Shipping
  • Moving
  • Air Transport
  • Use Transport
  • Equipment Installation

NKA Customs Service, Inc. – Joliet, IL

  • Established 2004
  • Air Transport
  • Use Transport
  • Customs

NKA Transporation, Inc. – Sidney, OH

  • Established 2004
  • Shipping

NKA Logistics, Inc. – Sidney, OH

  • Established 2008
  • Shipping

Sidney, OH

  • Established 2013
  • Testing

NK Parts Industries Inc. Locations and Services

With multiple locations to serve our customers, NK Parts Industries offers a variety of services at each of our locations. Here’s where you can find each service:


In our ISS Department in Sidney, our customers have access to export packing, sub assembly, inspection and storage input/output. At our Anna facility, our on-site consolidation center takes care of parts control in the plant, as well as line delivery. In East Liberty, you’ll find mission parts in our HTM Department and export packing, delivery agent and container repair in our ELB Department.


Our Sidney office is responsible for NK Parts’ manufacturing needs, from ATM rebuild and manufacturing logistic features in our HTS Department to ATM-related logistics in our ATR Department.


The Sidney facility is also responsible for our administration side. There, you can find our human resources, accounting, equipment management and information and system management.

Affiliated Companies Locations and Services

NK Parts Industries Inc.’s affiliated companies also bring more available options to our customers. Here’s what each provides:

NK America Logistic Service Providers Logo

NKA Group

At NK America, Inc., we offer import and export services, forwarding, transport and equipment installation. At our Sidney location, you’ll find domestic, international transport, machinery installation and maintenance services. In Chicago, there are customs operations, and in Laredo, we offer Mexico transport.

auto technic americas logo


Auto Technic Americas, Inc. gives our customers a variety of testing options. Some examples of R&D support we provide at our Sidney/East Liberty location includes:

  • Actual machine tests
  • Actual running tests
  • Physical tests
  • Strength tests
  • Assembly of prototypes
  • Vehicle maintenance modification